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A Visual Fusion of Haiti

"Sergine André's work has been regarded as a 'visual fusion of Haiti' because it contains all the spiritual strength and all the expression of the country's masters, but also the spirit of the 'Saint Soleil 'movement.  'Dijnn's work is characterised by a very contemporary post-modernity that links a treated and composed visual totality with a balance that manifests itself in the whole aesthetic discourse.  She executes colour with the mastery of the brush, but also with the intensity of the embossing and all this combines the strength of Pollock's abstract expressionism with freedom and exhaltation, without ever forgetting the allegory of pop and folk art" (Delia Blanco, excerpt from 'One Voice Dialogue')


Sergine André has confirmed throughout her career a great capacity to hold, through the mastery of her talent, a personal discourse that travels through time with aesthetic coherence and that sits between expressionist lyricism and symbolic abstraction.  Her work is free, open, a work that allows the channeling of a message soaked in all imaginaries.  Her visual research is fueled by an adventure that began in Haiti, of course, but was set in motion by lived experiences that add to the work, the whole of the journey's experience" (Delia Blanco, ''One Voice Dialogue')


Une fusion visuelle d'Haiti

"Sergine André a confirmé à travers toute sa carrière une grande capacité pour retenir dans la maitrise de son talent un discours personnel qui voyage à travers le temps avec une cohérence plastique et qui s'inscrit entre le lyrisme expressioniste et l'abastraction symbolique.  Son oeuvre est libre, ouverte, une oeuvre qui permet de canaliser un message trempé dans tous les imaginaires.  Sa recherche visuelle s'alimente d'une aventure qui est née en Haiti, certes, mais, lancée à la rencontre du mouvement des expériences qui viennent ajouter à l'ensemble du vécu dans le voyage" (Delia Blanco, 'Dialogue à une Voix')

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